Server OS-based VDI is an official “feature” of Windows Server 2016

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by | June 11, 2015

Last week in a blog post on MSDN, Microsoft’s Terminal Services team linked to a blog post by MVP Freek Berson called New RDS deployment model: Personal Session Desktops! The gist is that in Tech Preview 2 of Server 2016, Microsoft introduced a new server role called “Server Based Personal Desktops” which is essentially VDI using Windows Server 2016 as the OS for the VDI instances rather than using a client OS like Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Unfortunately this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and just another way that Microsoft is continuing to screw their customers.

Let’s dig into this, in today’s latest installment of our long-running “Microsoft is screwing us” series. (Past articles in this series include . . . )



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