Server Software Presents Threat to License Optimisation

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by | June 15, 2016

Servers, and the software that they run, are integral to businesses. The threat that server software from companies like IBM and Oracle might be under licensed is a major concern for all organisations. Licensing is complicated by the interplay between virtual machines, and the physical machines that have to be licensed appropriately; by the ability to install and use software without purchasing it up front; and by the sometimes bewildering choice between alternative license schemes.

Vendor audits are a major contributor to revenue for large software publishers, and they are clearly increasing in frequency. Organisations frequently feel that they have no ability to limit the impact of these audits, as only the largest organisations can afford to have the specialist skills needed constantly available.

Belarc hosts a series of webinars detailing how you can achieve full visibility of the software that is in use on your servers. With this information, and with a toolset that understands server licensing rules, you no longer need to feel a hostage to the threat of an audit. This webinar covers licensing of Oracle database and IBM products.


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