Simplified Management of PVU Licensing

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by | May 4, 2016

Much like other vendors in the datacenter space, IBM has a comprehensive and complex set of rules governing the licensing of its software, designed to ensure that organizations pay according to the value that they are deemed to realize from the applications in use across the organization.

In this blog, I explore how using ILMT, TADd or Bigfix Inventory in conjunction with Snow License Manager 8 can help to right-size overall cost of managing IBM PVU-based software. By integrating ILMT (or TADd/ Bigfix Inventory) with Snow License Manager, you have a dynamic overview of your sub-capacity related compliance position to understand the cost profile of IBM software across different organizational units. I will explain how the data insights provided by Snow License Manager 8 enable various stakeholders to understand the bigger picture of resourcing, managing and licensing IBM software.



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