Six Steps to Becoming a SAM Expert (with a Bonus Step)

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by | December 5, 2016

There is no substitute for experience to becoming an expert in anything you do. Like most skills the road to Software Asset Management expertise can be paved with some solid fundamentals that will make the journey more productive. To quote a familiar metaphor, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” SAM must be treated the same. It takes people, process and technology and trying to swallow the whole thing will only slow the journey. Here are six, small steps you can take to begin the journey.

Step 1

Step one is to set realistic goals, based on your personal and company skills and resources. You must realistically consider available resources, the timing of those resources, what prior history exists around SAM initiatives and what level of executive support you expect to receive. Declaring there is an audit in 90 days and a SAM program needs to be implemented is not a good place to start. Instead you may want to just develop an inventory of your licensable software to triage your situation as a foundation to building your expertise.



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