Snow Software goes for channel-first model

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by | April 26, 2017

SAM specialist Snow Software is moving to a channel-first approach to make sure all sales happen with partners

SAM specialist Snow Software has opted to develop a channel-first approach that will ensure all sales are through or with a partner.

The firm is expecting it will be in a better position as a result of the channel-first move as it will be able to respond to the growing demand for software asset management support.

Analysts have warned that a SAM skills shortage is looming and as a result customers will be leaning more on partners to make sure they can help them plug the expertise gap.

Gartner has warned that by next year half of those firms that have implemented SAM or are looking to roll it out will have to turn to channel partners to make sure they get the help they need to make it work. because they will lack in-house resources.

To support the increased focus on the channel the firm has launched a partner portal, updated its programmes with more emphasis on joint marketing opportunities.

On the skills front to make sure the channel can perform the function customers will be looking for the vendor is encouraging partners to use its training facilities with the Snow Academy, which is an online learning platform.

Urban Bucht, global vice president partners at Snow Software, is charged with taking responsibility for making sure existing and new partners get the message about the revised approach.

Part of his brief is to develop partner relationships and he will be bringing on new partners to provide greater reach in the market.

“We are looking to fully engage with our partner community as we launch this new go-to- market strategy,” says Axel Kling, CEO of Snow Software.


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