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by | November 11, 2016

Snow Software, the leading developer of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions, today announced the release of version 3.0 of Snow Automation Platform. The new platform automates key software and systems management tasks such as provisioning self-service portals for apps and cloud services, reharvesting unused software and managing joiners/leavers processes.

In addition to its existing automated processes for SAM, Snow Automation Platform 3.0 introduces new off-the-shelf automation workbooks to manage mobile and cloud investments.

The mobile enabled automation provides a single interface for software, apps and cloud services across any device, empowering users to select what resources or services they need, regardless of device they use to request it, for whichever device they want the resource allocated to. It also includes automatic approval and notifications, as well as enabling users to enroll devices, request apps, request Wi-Fi settings, email and wipe their own mobile devices.

With the new Azure and AWS optimization offerings, authorized users can request, provision, manage and decommission virtual machines through a simple self-service portal. This enables organizations to gain control over Azure and AWS resources and costs, using subscription models so that resources are automatically removed when no longer needed.

“Snow Automation Platform 3.0 focuses on minimizing the administrative overheads and risk of unnecessary costs that are likely when the adoption of new technologies is left unchecked”, said Peter Björkman, CTO at Snow Software. “Cloud automation is rapidly developing and through the Azure and AWS Virtual Machine automation capabilities, time spent by support and operations teams are reduced, speeding up the process from user request through to approval. Customers will see a real financial benefit by having complete transparency of who is using what resource, giving them the ability to cross-charge in the business as well as avoid spend on unused resources.”

Snow Automation Platform 3.0 tackles issues often associated with Shadow IT, helping to automatically remove unapproved and legacy software as well as ensuring businesses are SAM compliant.

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