Software Asset Management and the C-level Executive – SAM Becomes Strategic

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by | April 13, 2016

Gartner recently published a report called: Software Asset Management Is Now a C-Level Imperative in which they say: “SAM has evolved into a discipline that supports strategic business development, requiring IT leaders to engage C-level commitment to SAM investment.” The report also says that the increasing complexity of software environments, including the move to the cloud, requires IT leaders “to broaden the scope of software asset management (SAM) and implement it as a governance function to enable IT to manage the full software lifecycle effectively.”

There are five key insights in this report:

  • Software Asset Management needs to be a strategic imperative in your organization, with C-level involvement
  • There are a number of trends that are all driving the need for best in class SAM processes and tools, including the move to the cloud
  • IT leaders must broaden the scope of Software Asset Management to include management of cloud infrastructure (IaaS)…



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