Software Asset Management: Pay Attention or Pay Up

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by | September 24, 2014

Given their organizations’ diverse cheap jerseys software portfolios, distributed locations and on-the-go workers, how many CIOs can express complete confidence in their license compliance? They Digitaal know that software is indispensable to the enterprise and naturally want to manage every software asset (from the commodity app to the big-ticket enterprise suite) so it’s optimally leveraged and fully compliant New throughout its lifecycle. But that’s not easy.

Software asset management was hard enough when IT leaders presided over sát locked-down environments and a workforce under their control. In today’s complex IT environment, it’s an even greater challenge.

Software runs on increasingly distributed and virtualized networks, both cheap jerseys inside and outside the organization. It’s purchased, provisioned and controlled by multiple parties. Within the enterprise, departments and users empowered by IT consumerization make software decisions without IT approval. And outside, wholesale jerseys cybercriminals are testing networks, finding vulnerabilities, injecting malware cheap nfl jerseys and exfiltrating data.



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