Software Asset Management (SAM) Doesn’t Have to Be Hard – Here’s Why

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by | November 4, 2015

During a recent discussion with a 1E customer about implementing a Software Asset Management (SAM)program, I was told that while this was something he would like to do, his understanding of it led him to believe it was difficult, time-consuming and might not offer sufficient returns.
In response, I compared SAM programs to his HR group – they had policies and procedures that needed to be created which would streamline various functions. While he appreciated the comparison, he also said that HR presumably required people and technology – both expensive – which was exactly his concern about a SAM program. I reminded him that while the HR group came with a cost, it was put in place to reduce risk, provide a valued service to the business at the lowest cost and find the best people for their needs. SAM is no different.

While this may not have been the best example to use, it seemed to do the trick when he asked “What are three items a SAM program can deliver back to the organization?” When I said, “where do you want to start?” our 30-minute discussion suddenly moved to a sixty minute one.



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