Software Audit Requests on the Rise Again!

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by | October 9, 2014

Leading research firm Gartner released its latest research paper this week which shows that 68% of organizations can now expect at least one software audit request in the next 12 months – a record high, up from 63% last year. Based on the fact that these are typically considered revenue-motivated, it’s likely that they’ll continue to rise.¹

¹Survey Analysis: Software License Audit Surveys Show Shift in Focus and Intensity in 2014, Victoria Barber, Frances O’Brien & Stewart Buchanan, 2nd September 2014. 

Take a proactive approach to software audits

Responding to an audit is time consuming and has a significant impact on operational activity, something which the c-suite are now finally starting to recognize. One reference from Gartner cites that a software audit for one of its customers cost $500,000 in time away from day-to-day business activities, not to mention the software bill which may have come out of the review2 – so with audits looking inevitable, organizations need to take a proactive approach to Software Asset Management, therefore minimizing the financial risks and any un-forecasted costs.



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