What is a Software Forge?

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by | January 20, 2015

As we know, use of the term “infographic” generally causes involuntary gagging and may result in unwelcome skin irritation.

Paradoxically, open source licensing and vulnerability management solutions company Protecode (pron: pro-ta-code) appears to be using the “information graphic” (to use the old school expression) approach to good effect.

The firm has produced infographics to compare the attributes of open source projects held in organised, tightly governed forges, such as Apache and CodePlex, with free-for-all forges having little or no project governance, such as SourceForge or GitHub.

What is a software forge?

DEFINITION: A software forge is generally defined as a collaboration platform hosted as a website designed to facilitate, stimulate and concentrate community (and often, but not always, “independent”) software application development projects — the forge is home to software application development tools, management functions and access to a particular piece of software’s SDK and IDE as well as source code management and version control features. Forges can be unregulated or supported by a governing organisation.

SOURCE: computerweekly.com


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