Software License Compliance Remains Challenging in India

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by | April 12, 2016

An increasing dependence on technology has led to the usage of software becoming mission critical for most organizations. But managing software licenses and governance can be quite complex as it includes license optimization, usage and can result in incorrect allocation or wastage. To address these challenges, EY Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services has launched an automated tool – EY SAPPHIRE, to help clients maintain compliance, control license costs and optimize their existing license landscape. Managed by its Forensic Technology & Discovery Services arm, this unique tool considerably reduces the manual time and effort required to manage SAP software licenses.

Paul Walker, Partner and Head (EMEIA), Forensic Technology & Services, EY states,

“Today, businesses are operating amidst an enhanced risk landscape, and effective compliance is no longer just a “good-to-have” measure, but a norm. As the influx of technology has permeated through to every division within the company, it has become inherently impossible to track information without automation. This has prompted EY to devise comprehensive tools – such as EY SAPPHIRE, for businesses to effectively decipher loopholes and thereby enhance their levels of compliance around SAP licenses.



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