Software Licensing: Move from Defence to Offence

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by | November 7, 2014

As fantastic as avoiding vendors fines and clearing audits are, the best way to tackle software asset management is to take control of your software licensing to allow negotiated discounts and match licences to needs. The first part of control is knowledge of:

*Software purchased
*Software installed
*Software that employees use

An InformationWeek survey recently revealed that 37% of companies have been audited in the last 24 months (over 40% of companies with more than 500 employees) with seven-figure fines for non-compliance imposed. Different vendors, different methods of updating software and cloud applications all complicate the licensing process, causing confusion and imposing financial liabilities.

Getting to grips with your software and associated licences is the only way forward. Knowing what is actually in use, by who and how often is the only way to get on the offensive. Automated solutions help to discover actual usage, but push beyond what is found and start bargaining with suppliers. With centralised knowledge of all purchasing (even if decentralised units still do some of the buying), you’ll be able to take advantage of every discount.

No one is ever happy to be audited but the more prepared you are, the less pain will be inflicted by your suppliers.


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