Are Software Vendor Audits Driving Your IT Strategy?

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by | February 3, 2015

In 2015, it’s generally accepted that Information Technology is a critical enabler of most businesses, regardless of industry.  Companies that effectively use technology can bring products to market faster and at lower cost and have opportunities to move into new markets; conversely, companies that lack focused, efficient IT capabilities have difficulty in responding to competitive pressures and  maintaining their current market position.  According to the 2013 IBM Global C-Suite Study, 56% of CEOs of outperforming organizations plan “…to make emerging technology the top strategic priority over the next three years.” [i]  Clearly, IT is viewed as a key enabler to achieve strategic growth, and CIOs are focusing increasingly on making IT capabilities into “Critical Enablers of Business/Enterprise Vision” at their organizations over the next 3-5 years.[ii]

Effectively Buying and Using Software is a Critical Capability

A key aspect of an organization’s IT strategy is its ability to effectively use its software investments to provide the business services and insights that drive that vision.  Yet at many organizations, the inability to track productive use of software creates risks of non-compliance and costly software audits that drag down the entire IT organization’s effectiveness in achieving that vision.  Companies which experience major software audit true-ups essentially make investment decisions without regard to how those purchases align with the IT strategy.  The unplanned expenditures and excessive IT staff time involved also act as a drag on the IT organization’s ability to implement the projects and initiatives that provide the customer business value that CIOs and CEOs are looking to achieve.



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