Why Software Vendor Recognition of SAM Technology is a Good Thing

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by | June 2, 2016

I’ve heard from some people that they believe software vendor recognition of software asset management (SAM) tools, whether it is is called certification, verification or acceptance, acts as a hindrance to customers looking for the best SAM solutions.

On the contrary, I think most people see that these programs provide real value because the vendor has performed rigorous testing of the SAM tools in order to give them the stamp of approval.  And, by investing in meeting the software vendor requirements, SAM vendors can provide tools that allow customers to more accurately understand their license position, while reducing time and effort, than can be achieved by working independently of the software vendors.

Here are a few of the benefits of software vendor recognition of Software Asset Management tools:

  • You get a better understanding of relevant tools, than by comparing and testing all of the tools yourself. Many companies have lengthy proof of concept (POC) processes where they measure up different tools against hundreds of criteria, often with weightings toward various features.  Having vendor recognition means that you may be able to shorten the list of SAM tools you need to consider, depending on your specific needs.


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