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by | July 2, 2017

”Stanislav Pavlin, Vodafone, has been elected as the winner of the ITAMOrg 2017 IT Asset Management Award”

The IT Asset Management Award

ITAMOrg wants to honor and celebrate people and/or organizations that makes a difference in the ITAM industry. We’re doing this by giving an award to a person or organization that has made a remarkable contribution to the industry. The criteria: ”
“The IT Asset Management Award is given to one or more professionals, organizations or initiatives that have contributed remarkably to securing and/or developing good IT Asset Management”

Stanislav Pavlin is the winner of the ITAMOrg IT Asset Management Award 2017

The award is given in recognition of his highly inspirational and professional approach towards “Business driven IT Asset Management” at Vodafone

– Stanislav has been the key driver at Vodafone in driving IT Asset Management as a business. His continued focus on the business side of IT Asset Management has been a key driver and enabler to take IT Asset Management to the level it has been at Vodafone, to establish a separate company within the group for  Asset Management – he got the idea, proposed a business plan – and implemented it!

– His admirable approach has been shared at ITAMOrg conferences for the last two years, and has been an inspiration to many people and organizations in the industry. And it’s no surprise that these motivational speaches has been very well received

– It is our hope that Stanislav will continue to drive IT Asset Management even further and not at least, to share his achievements and continue to inspire people in the industry in the years to come.


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