by | November 24, 2014

BYOD (bring your own device) is a fairly recent development. Allowing employees to bring their own hardware (with associated software) is a fantastic workplace development, but can be a problem when considering the potential security issues that can arise.

Where to Start

Rule 1: have a mobile security management suite that includes:

*Mobile device management (MDM) – security polices based on network access.
*Mobile application management (MAM) – security based on the applications on a device, not the device. MAM will update, delete, wipe, and remove applications.
*Mobile content management (MCM) – secure data management via typical authentication processes.

Identifying the best Solution

One needs security and flexibility, but neither should affect the other in a reputable BYOD system. Companies have various laws they must abide by and suppliers mostly build their software to meet statutory obligations. The biggest BYOD threat comes from unhappy employees and their careless acts – your network is only ever going to be as strong as your weakest link.

Benefits of a Secure BYOD

A secure BYOD system gives your staff confidence that they can do their jobs, with their devices, safe in the knowledge that they are secure, licensed and operating within company policies. Happy staff are productive staff.


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