What is a Supported Software Catalogue?

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by | October 19, 2016

It is a declaration by IT operations that this is the list of software we need to run a company.  Why is this important to SAM? Firstly, it sets your scope or boundary as to the list of software the SAM team are reasonably expected to manage.

Remember those days when you had to account for every known install of software on your IT estate?! Regardless of who installed it or when? Ah yes, the memories are flooding back….

Take charge! be a master of your own SAM fate! Ensure your implementation of SAM does not miss this vital element of IT operations.

To download the SAM Charter whitepaper discussing the merits of a Supported Software Catalogue, please go to our whitepaper page.

This will also include a template Supported Software Catalogue to get you on your way.


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