How Do You Take the Service Desk Beyond IT?

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by | April 7, 2016

The IT department is thought of as the customary service provider in the organization. From fixing something when it’s broken to reminding us all to update the software on our devices, they’re held to high standards based on the metrics of tickets that are closed and the allocation of tasks. But what many organizations don’t realize is that every department is a service provider to another in some way — so why aren’t we using a service management solution across the enterprise?

The fact is, when a business is disorganized internally, it can rot it from the inside out. If you can’t do your job effectively, then how can you be expected to manage your customers in a positive way? It all stems from teamwork towards a common goal and defining the services we perform for each department so no one is wondering who to ask for what they need. It’s all about taking your ITSM app from the IT service desk to the organization as a whole.

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So you’re probably using a service catalog right now to list all the things that your team can fix, the information that you need in an issue, and so on. There are a wide variety of things that can go into a service catalog, which is why it’s also a useful tool for other departments.



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