Terms and Conditions on Software Will Change Without Notice

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by | April 4, 2016

It’s been all over industry news this week but in case you missed it, the court date has been set for the ongoing conflict between Oracle and Google.

In 2012 the companies went to trial over Google’s use of Java in Android, with the jury finding that Google had infringed Oracle’s copyrights – although, they were split as to whether Google was covered by a “fair use” policy. This was a small win for Oracle, but now it is back to the beginning of a new trial to understand whether Google will pay the $9.3bn that Oracle claim they owe.

Right as this story was brought to my attention, so was a piece of Gartner’s research: Software Terms and Conditions Change Without Notice – How best to Protect Your Organization. Now, I don’t think these are connected – I don’t think Oracle changed licensing rules and that Google was unaware of the implications of said changes – but I did start thinking about just how important remaining compliant really is, and how keeping an eye on changes to your licensing policy falls within that.

SOURCE: licensedashboard.com


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