The Evolution of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

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by | May 11, 2015

Software licensing used to be pretty cut and dry. You had a specific number of seats, so you bought a specific number of licenses. Well, it’s pretty clear those days are long gone. Your “seats” are no longer parked in front of a single computer. They’re on the move—constantly surrounded by the multitude of devices today’s users rely on to work productively wherever business takes them. From company-owned notebooks, smartphones, and tablets to BYOD-supported devices, employees need access to their must-have productivity applications at all times.

So how do you ensure your users have the tools they need (on the devices they need them on) without multiplying your licensing costs? Fortunately, Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement (EA) program has evolved to keep pace with today’s busy world.

Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS) makes it easy to streamline your licensing in this cloud-first, mobile-first world. With a pure per-user licensing model, ECS combines Office 365 E3, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Windows Software Assurance into one manageable package. For those of you that already have an EA, you can purchase the ECS Add-On as a supplement to your existing license. It’s just a SKU on top of what you already have. If you’re a new customer and you qualify for the 250-seat minimum, I would recommend going with the full ECS User Subscription License—as it’s a single SKU, which keeps licensing and management simple. On a related note—if you’re completely new to Microsoft licensing, check out our EA 101 blog post, it’s a great resource that explains the basics of an Enterprise Agreement—who qualifies, how the contract works, and what the process means for you year after year.



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