The focus on exploring the ITSM marketplace is growing larger everyday

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by | May 5, 2015

Robert Young, research manager for endpoint device and ITSM at International Data Corporation (IDC), believes that IT departments need a laser-like focus on service awareness. Young analyzes how the cloud, mobile, social and Big Data impact IT systems and services.

Attracting a bigger audience

“The ties to IT Operations Management (ITOM) are becoming more important as the infrastructure becomes more complex,” Young saids during an interview with theCUBE at ServiceNow’s Knowledge15 event in Las Vegas. “IT has spent years focusing on how to manage processes to ensure productivity. Taking those processes out of IT and into the lines of business are the ways that ServiceNow is attracting a bigger audience.”

Young said the IT Service Management (ITSM) market is growing, and that’s expected to continue. He considers ServiceNow a third platform product. “To have this type of robust solution running virtually 100 percent in the cloud, and to have this level of growth speaks volumes to third platform. ServiceNow captures a lot of market share with its cloud-first product,” Young stated.

Products such as Express, which cater to midsize business, also have a place in the market. “Midmarket is looking to grow but they’re just not there yet,” said Young. “They don’t want to pay for features and functions they are not using.”



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