The Secret to Managing Large Projects

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by | September 1, 2015

Every project manager knows that delivering a successful project takes organization, skill, a commitment to maintaining momentum and the ability to deal with the unexpected.

All factors that are multiplied when working on a large-scale project involving multiple vendors are working together to achieve a common goal.

This is something we experienced at first hand when working on a large regional bank’s ATM Migration project. The migration involved a combination of internal teams and external vendors, including the two different divisions tasked with satisfying the migration requirements and meeting the company’s goal of migrating its 8,500 ATMs to Windows 7. As well as these internal teams, we had to work with the software vendors: Diebold, NCR and WinCor, who provide software and hardware to the bank’s ATM fleet, and Star by First Data, the provider of backend cash dispensing and accounting processes. Finally, we had the endpoints to consider: the ATM fleet consists of ATM machines in both branch facilities and kiosks located within three convenience store chains, Wawa, Sheetz and Thornton’s.



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