The What, Why & How of SAM Integrations

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by | August 21, 2015

Per Skanne, product manager at Snow, discusses how Snow products support integrations, and how we enable integrating data into Snow from another system, or from Snow into another system.

My colleagues and I get a lot of questions about integrations: “can Snow Products integrate withproduct X?” and “If so, how long does it take?”.

Accepting that answering a question with another question can sometimes be frustrating, before we can provide a considered and reliable answer, we need to address the following:

– What is it you want to integrate?
– What type of information do you want to transfer?
– Are you wanting to take information from Snow or push it to the SAM platform?
– What’s the business driver for – and the value of – the integration?

Once we’ve understood what and why, then how the integration is best achieved usually becomes pretty straightforward.



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