The Threat of Risky Mobile Apps to BYOD

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by | January 27, 2015

Application readiness solutions, app testing, and enterprise app stores can help alleviate the threats risky mobile apps pose to enterprise mobility and BYOD.

Tales of risky mobile apps that compromise passwords and personal information have abounded in the news during the past few years. Such risky apps pose a security risk for enterprise mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in particular. I recently asked some questions about risky mobile apps and the potential risks they pose to the enterprise via email by Maureen Polte, VP product management, Flexera Software. The company is a leading developer of software licensing, compliance and installation solutions.

Flexera Software positions itself as an enabler to ensure access to applications on personal devices after the establishment of BYOD policies. Their solution can test application compatibility with any enterprise’s mobile device management (MDM) policies.

What’s risky behavior in an app and the potentials threats, such apps pose to the enterprise?

Mobile apps can use application programming interfaces (APIs) to access information on mobile devices, which may be sensitive to organizations, such as contact lists, photos, and calendars. Mobile apps can also access any corporate social media accounts that have been configured on the device.



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