Three Cloud Decisions that will Affect the Industry in 2016

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by | March 8, 2016

Reaping the full benefit of cloud and staying ahead of the competition requires organisations to embrace new cloud technologies, shift cloud focus as the industry evolves and make significant changes to their IT operating models.

Sarah Lahav, CEO of IT service management provider SysAid Technologies has compiled a list of three bold decisions on cloud that are expected to impact the industry in its entirety in 2016.

  1. Stop “Doing” Data Centres and Infrastructure

It has long been said that the time of doing “undifferentiated heavy lifting” has past, though many companies still do it, much like “courting” male praying mantises with their heads bitten off. Infor CEO, Charles Phillips, famously said “friends don’t let friends build data centres anymore” and we are now seeing companies move to server-less architectures, cutting infrastructure out of their cloud equation.




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