What are the Three Deadliest SAM Tool Mistakes Enterprises Make?

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by | October 14, 2016

Many enterprises and businesses manage their own software assets with the help of one or even more than one Software Asset Management (SAM) tool (s).  Although assistance from a tool can be of value, there are three consistent mistakes we often see when taking tool-centric approach.


It’s typical for each software load to come with its own tool, such as Microsoft having SCCM, IBM having ILMT, and Oracle having a few proprietary tools as well. It feels pretty safe to rely on each software publisher’s tool to assess their own software, but this often leaves huge blind spots. Not only does this method fail in getting an overall view of the software estate, some of the publisher-made tools don’t even cover all of their OWN software loads.


Wouldn’t it be great to find one SAM tool to rule them all?  It’s common to see IT Directors do a great deal of evaluation and analysis to choose the right tool. But the truth is, a tool alone cannot capture 100% of the data accurately. Even when you have a tool that covers “all” loads, only one part of software asset management challenges are addressed, which is capturing asset inventory.

SOURCE: crayon.com


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