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Why tools aren’t the whole story when solving your Oracle licensing issues


Managing Oracle product deployment across an enterprise is a major challenge. Although tools have their uses, invariably there are some very significant gaps in their abilities; often gaps that are either glossed over or, worse, false information is presented. The complexity of most Oracle license estates cannot be reliably captured by tools and so it is important to realise the abilities of any tool you select.

This session will discuss the capabilities of tools as well as helping you understand how you can use their best features to your advantage.


Paul Bullen is a principal licence consultant for Version 1, one of the largest Oracle consultancies, based in Edinburgh, and provides a combination of technical and licence consultancy for their clients. He has been working with Oracle technologies for 17 years and has extensive production DBA, OEM and Real Application Clusters expertise as well as a long history of licence management for global organisations.

CPD Points: 1.5

Date: 20th June (Thu)

Begins at 12:30 and ends at 13:00 GMT

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