Understanding a Baseline Review

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by | March 31, 2016

One of the key steps on the road to reaching an optimized software license position is undertaking a baseline review to enable you to achieve an Effective License Position (ELP) for a specific software vendor and its products.

Typically, many organizations utilize the services of an external partner to undertake this task for them. But, whether it is carried out internally or externally there are 2 ways to approach obtaining the information required. The first is manually, which is not ideal for larger IT estates. The second requires the use of an automated discovery and inventory tool.

Generating an ELP

It is important to understand from the outset that where a partner is undertaking this task that the project is a collaborative service that will only be successful if you understand the need for your technical, commercial/procurement functions to work together closely with the partner. The project is a 5 stage process…

SOURCE: certero.com


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