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by | April 21, 2016

SAP licensing is widely accepted to be one of the most complex models of all the major vendors. Unlike other vendors SAP bases its licensing on usage, but just to add to the complexity, doesn’t always explicitly and unambiguously define usage. One of the key metrics for SAP applications is the ‘Named User’ of which there are three main types.

  • Professional user – is able to perform certain operational tasks such as system administration or system management type roles that are within the agreed license metrics. The user should also have the rights that are specified by the SAP Application Limited Professional User.
  • Limited professional user – can perform limited operational roles as defined by the software license.
  • Employee user – has the ability to perform tasks purely for the individuals own use and not on behalf of anyone else, tasks that are set out by the software license.

Software Engines

In addition to Named Users there are also SAP Engines, also known as SAP packages. Engines are additional software components that need to be purchased separately, such as the SAP Payroll Engine.

SOURCE: certero.com


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