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by | December 3, 2021

The ISO ITAM Committee (Working Group 21) recently held its fall/interim meeting, with great attendance from around the world. During the 4-day meeting, we covered over 20 agenda topics, including open development projects, study group discussions, and others.

Of particular note:

19770-1: Initiating work on the 4th edition of the flagship standard for ITAM System;
19770-5: The third edition of the freely-available ITAM Overview & Vocabulary is nearing completion of its first draft;
19770-6: Approved the revised draft for an initial ballot on this first edition of the Hardware Identification Tags standard;
ITAM & Sustainability: A new article has been published by members of the committee: https://itamstandards.org/itam-and-sustainability/;
Open Chain & SPDX: Two new ISO standards relevant to ITAM have been published through the contribution of @The Linux Foundation: ISO 5230 for OpenChain (OpenSource license management), and ISO 5962 for SPDX (software bill of materials). Special thanks to our guest speaker @Shane Coughlan;
ITAM & FinOps: Discussed FinOps and its relevance to ITAM, as well as an introduction to the FinOps Foundation. Special thanks to our guest speaker @Rob Martin; and
Blockchain: Discussed the activities of the ISO Technical Committee on Blockchain (TC307) and their potential relevance to ITAM.

Thank you to all our committee members and guests who participated in this meeting!

If you would like to learn more about the ISO ITAM Standards, the Committee, or to become involved, please connect with Ron Brill.


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