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by | December 3, 2020

By: Ron Brill, ITAM Standards Committee Chair at ISO

The ISO ITAM Committee recently held its fall meeting in a virtual format. Our fall/interim meeting is one of two week-long conferences we hold every year in addition to our periodic video calls and other ongoing committee communications.

We had great participation from multiple countries. Many topics were discussed in relation to the 9 projects and the 9 study groups at the committee. Sample discussion highlights for each of these 18 workstreams included the following (very partial list):

Active Projects:

19770-2 (3rd edition) – SWID Tags: Include JSON in addition to XML specifications
19770-3 (2nd edition) – Entitlement Schema: Align with SPDX 3.0 for OpenSource
19770-5 (3rd edition) – Overview and Vocab: Review working draft, SEVOCAB
19770-6 (1st edition) – HWID Tags: Review working draft. System vs. Primary tags
19770-7 (1st edition) – Tag Orchestration: Normalized relationship model
19770-10 (1st edition) – ITAM Implementation: Design Specifications
19770-11 (1st edition) – Guidance to Auditing Firms: Final publication review
19770-12 (1st edition) – ITAM & SaaS: Initiating work, scoping
19770-13 (1st edition) – ITAM & IaaS/PaaS: Initiating work, scoping

Active Study Groups:

ITAM Charter & WG21 Strategy: Updates to the WG21 business plan
ITAM Implementation: Survey results
Cybersecurity & Blockchain: 27002 & 24392 drafts, NCSC outreach
Sustainability: Defining the scope and relevance of sustainability & ITAM
Information Asset Management: Initiating work, scoping
IoT: Continuing analysis
Network & Storage: Industry frameworks (e.g. NIST, TM Forum), Catalyst project
OpenSource & Virtual Containers: OpenSource PAS/SPDX linkages
Evangelism: The role of ITAM Forum

With the ongoing pandemic and industry focus on cost reduction, ITAM is more important than ever. If you would like to learn more about the ISO ITAM Standards, the committee, or to become involved, please reach out to me.

Thank you to all our committee members from around the world who participated in this meeting!


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