Upgrade your Oracle Licenses! A must-read for 2018-2019 for SAMs, CxO, Cloud Admins and DBAs

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by | October 23, 2018

If you are using Oracle Database, any of these editions:

– Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, Standard Edition 2 or 1.
– And your application is using JDBC driver.

We have good news for you!

“You can bring your Oracle DB licenses to us and we will unlock for you the way to use most of Database Options, On-Prem or Any Cloud Provider.” – KnowTrade


You will have a fully-featured (Note 1 for details) Database Enterprise Edition to use On-Prem or in any of the following Cloud Providers: (Hybrid Cloud as Well)

– Amazon Web Services
– Microsoft Azure
– Google Cloud Platform
– Alibaba Cloud
– Huawei Cloud
– Softlayer IBM Cloud
– Including Hyper-converged technologies such as Nutanix.

Or most of the virtualization or container systems available by using only the vCPUs assigned to the VM or Container.

This will drastically reduce your costs and it will freed a lot of Oracle DB Licenses (Cores)

VMWare, RHEV(KVM), PowerVM, EMC VSPEX, Hyper-V, XenServer or Oracle VM.
Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, OpenStack or any other “cpu-limited” capable container technology.

Note 1
Database options that can be used with our strategy and they can be included at no additional cost and no need to purchase new Oracle Licenses:

Real Application Clusters (High Availability)
Active Data Guard (Disaster Recovery)
Advanced Compression
Advanced Security (Transparent Data Encryption and In-Transit Comm. Encryption)
OLAP (Partially, better check with us this point)
Predicate Filtering (Only available with Exadata, people are paying a lot to get these machines, we can upgrade your licenses On-Prem or any Cloud, to get this important feature for Data Warehousing)
Diagnostic Pack
Tuning Pack
Gateways (“Big Data Connectors” Possibility to connect with Hadoop data + DB2 + SQL Server + any JDBC >3.0 DB)
And some minor features but also important.


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