How To Use Service Integration And Management (SIAM) Alongside ITIL

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by | March 11, 2015

In the last 18 months or so, Service Integration and Management (SIAM) has become a hot and sometimes hyped topic in IT Service Management (ITSM) circles. SIAM is a model for managing, integrating, and co-ordinating the delivery of IT services provided by multiple suppliers. The number of vendors promoting their SIAM services is rapidly increasing, with promises of improving the delivery of IT.

The hype may be new, but the SIAM concept and ways of working have been around for several years. Even more importantly, the base techniques that are used in SIAM models have been around for even longer. If you look into SIAM you will discover that it is mostly an adaptation of the ITIL principles, methods and techniques that have been in use for a long time.

ITIL is commonplace in most organisations that provide IT services. Despite new concepts such as Cloud and DevOps it is still the bedrock for ITSM practitioners worldwide. What we now have to do is consider and discuss how ITIL needs to be adapted and applied to today’s supplier and service landscapes.



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