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by | May 5, 2017

USU Group expands its portfolio in the software asset management growth area

Möglingen, Germany / La Garenne Colombes, France, May 4, 2017.

In order to strategically expand its portfolio, USU Software AG (“USU”) has taken over all shares in the French company EASYTRUST SAS (“EASYTRUST”) from La Garenne Colombes near Paris – retrospectively with effect from January 1, 2017. The technology and expertise of EASYTRUST, a highly specialized software provider for IT information management and Oracle license measurement, will complement the USU subsidiary Aspera’s range of solutions perfectly and underscore Aspera’s market position as the world’s leading full-service provider for software asset management (SAM). The four new sites in France, including EASYTRUST’s location in Greater Paris, will allow the USU Group to increase its footprint in the important European market and speed up its international growth in this field of expertise.

EASYTRUST supports key areas of IT operation, in particular the automatic recognition and analysis of hardware and software in complex infrastructures. The basic technology used for that is the software EASYTRUST INVENTORY. It provides a range of information, including the current software usage status, and links this data to the operating system, virtualization and hardware information as a basis for efficient software asset management. In the future, the inventory solution from EASYTRUST will also automatically fill the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for the USU product suite Valuemation with relevant, up-to-date information on existing hardware and software.

Oracle expertise strengthens leading position on the SAM market

With its product and services, EASYTRUST’s comprehensive expertise in the Oracle arena sets it apart from the competition. EASYTRUST for ORACLE is just one of six products worldwide to have been verified for Oracle LMS, and is thus suitable for providing data for an official audit by Oracle. Yet the solution does much more, taking into account the infrastructure (hardware, virtualization, systems and Oracle software) as well as contracts and licenses. A whole range of renowned consulting partners, such as BULL/ATOS, use technology from EASYTRUST for Oracle license measurement and consulting.

In combination with the Aspera SmartTrack system for software license management, it allows customer companies to reap significant savings through the transparent, cost-effective and optimized use of Oracle software, especially in large data centers.

EASYTRUST and the USU Software AG subsidiary Aspera have worked together as partners for many years. Through the takeover, the expertise of both companies will now be bundled in order to offer national and international customers a high-performance portfolio of solutions from a single source. The acquisition of SecurIntegration GmbH in summer 2015 brought USU Software AG a stronger position in terms of specialized know-how in the field of SAP license optimization, and with EASYTRUST, the group now has key expertise for Oracle and server data collection, too.


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