Version 2 of the SAM Charter Process e-kit – Launch Date Confirmed

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by | August 7, 2015

SAM Charter is delighted to announce that Version 2 of the SAM Charter Process e-kit has a launch date: Fri 28th Aug 2015 is when the public will be able to obtain their copies exclusively from the SAM Charter website.

The high praise received for Version 1 of the process kit, and the anecdotes of a “Big Four” consultancy using the e-kit as a play-book for its own SAM services confirmed our thoughts that the process kit helped to bridge the gap between installing a SAM suite, and using a SAM suite.

Whilst the 12 processes included in Version 1 offered immense value, further feedback highlighted a demand for more processes.

Version 2 of the Process Kit contains 10 new SAM processes, including:

– A Licence Compliance Process – This Process lays the foundation for how you deal with producing compliance reports; not just for internal reporting requirements, but also for software vendor audits

– A BYOD Process – This process offers a path to deal with those requests for SaaS & PaaS that millennials are putting at the door of companies today.

– An Orphan Data Process – This process seeks to tighten up the data that is imported into your SAM system; with higher integration comes higher quality reports.

All the processes can demonstrate their entry and exit points to other processes, and Version 2 wraps up with a table of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which offers to demonstrate recommended performance measures within the processes to help measure their effectiveness in support of the wider/higher SAM goals.

“Properly implemented SAM processes will help you recover sufficient funds from the IT budget so that those IT projects that are on the cusp of acceptance can be initiated now rather than being placed on ice.”

As stressed in Version 1 of the Process Kit, the new and improved processes are template in nature – to gain maximum benefit from the best practice contained therein it makes most sense to mould the processes to your unique business requirements. Integrate your business demands and add additional steps so that SAM serves the business and demonstrates beyond-IT value.

As ever, SAM Charter is on stand-by to help you – feel free to engage our consultancy services via: to take your next step up the SAM maturity ladder.

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