Virtualization Management in the Datacenter

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by | April 28, 2016

In my previous blog I discussed the business need for flexibility when resourcing datacenters and how changes to hardware can facilitate this. Utilizing virtualization technologies in the datacenter enables even greater flexibility. New virtual machines can be spun up within a matter of minutes for whatever purpose. Datacenters can be truly dynamic to meet the ever-changing demands of an organization.

Datacenters contain business-critical applications. Those applications must have high availability, absolutely minimal downtime and high-end performance. Because of this, licensing the hardware and software that comprises the datacenter can be very costly. Even seemingly minor changes can have a profound effect on an organization’s financial exposure.

Just as hardware changes must be correctly managed with a clear understanding of licensing implications, so must virtualization changes. In fact, the virtualization layer adds a further level of complexity to the licensing options available to an organization and with those opportunities come the risk of getting it wrong.



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