November 12 – Webinar – Open Source Software – a modern world opportunity and risk

Events Governance Open Source Software Risk & Audit

by | October 9, 2020

As Cloud adoption continues to grow, with migration to both public and private cloud infrastructure, enterprises need IT environments that enable them to drive product innovation. Part of the transformation is migrating legacy applications to Platform as a Service (PaaS). Developers will leverage open source components, libraries and frameworks as part this modernisation.

It is imperative that organisation have a strategy to manage open source IP/licensing and security in this process.

In this webinar you will hear about how open source is used in the supply, the risks associated with open source and strategies to manage this. We will also discuss the latest standards such as the new ISO standard being published from the OpenChain Project with support from many of the larger vendors incl. Microsoft, Facebook and Google.

Event speakers are Martin Callinan of Source Code Control and Shane Coughlan, General Manager at OpenChain

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