What are your Thoughts on Oracle’s Perpetual License Plans? #SAMPanel

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by | September 2, 2015

Following on from the news that Oracle is planning a new ‘Perpetual User License‘ for it’s databases, we asked our SAMPanellists to give their thoughts these latest developments.

With details still coming in about this new licensing plan, we are happy to welcome back Rory Canavan of SAM Charter and Libby Phillipps of Licence Dashboard to share their thoughts.

Rory CanavanRory Canavan | Owner of SAMCharter | Connect with Rory

First impressions are that actually this is a win-win for all parties involved.  Instead of relying on a lurch to a 3 year point of understanding what you have paid for compared to what you have installed, an annual true-up will allow clients to gain a more accurate understanding of what Oracle software is installed and also gain greater control of those assets in supporting the business.

From Oracle’s perspective, it means increased client-engagement, thereby making the offer of help and support an easier stance to make rather than appearing like an Agent Provocateur at the time of a contract renewal.

Read all of Rory’s piece HERE.

Libby PhillippsLibby Phillipps | Marketing and Events Co-ordinator with License Dashboard | Connect with Libby

In PULA (Perpetual User License Agreement), Oracle is about to offer customers all-you-can-eat license for its core database.

The full details of PULA are still difficult to come by, but it’s looking like this move to perpetuity in licensing should be an improvement for Oracle customers, particularly for current ULA organisations, but naturally we’ll have to wait and see just how the costs ultimately compare. At face value it would appear that larger, qualifying Oracle customers have the potential to see huge benefits if they move to PULA. Oracle have listened to their customers’ feedback and have made the ability to manage their Databases easier than ever before whilst removing the unpredictability of actual usage levels.

Read all of Libby’s piece HERE.

rafaelRafael Aniello | Head of CIO Advisory Sia Partners Italy | Connect with Rafael

From the SAM point of view, if my first impression is right, the PULA could be a good thing because of the yearly asset that will make customers more aware of what they are buying but …

… but everything will depend of the possibility to adapt dynamically the use and purchase of software without pushing customers to use licenses in an uncontrolled way with dangerous side effects (as it happens in ULA).

I’ve always been very sceptic on “all you can eat contracts” and in general the choice to subscribe an ULA should be made very carefully.

Read all of Rafael’s piece HERE.

And of course, if any of our readers would like to share their thoughts on Oracle’s plans, please leave a comment below!


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