What Does Your IT Help Desk Need to Know About the Marketing Funnel?

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by | November 12, 2015

At Samanage we are big believers that IT is more than just the technical gatekeeper. They are involved in far more than they realize and the organization realizes, especially from a marketing standpoint. What the IT help desk may forget is that they are an important touchpoint in the marketing funnel. And, as a customer touchpoint, the help desk needs to be involved in moving the customer through that illusive marketing funnel that constantly comes up in meetings and presentation.

If you aren’t familiar with the marketing funnel, it’s that diagram that shows how the customer moves throughout different aspects of marketing, from the top of the funnel when they are just interested in blog posts and social media, to when they fill out a form or download a white paper to the time when (hopefully) they become a loyal customer and even a brand advocate. Here is what the help desk needs to know about the marketing funnel and how they can help become a factor in moving a customer further down the funnel.

SOURCE: blog.samanage.com


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