What is the role of SAM in protecting against Network breaches?

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by | November 18, 2015

Network breaches have unfortunately become too common over the past few years, with the Sony Pictures hack in 2014 being one of the most famous that springs to mind.

Another example can be found in a report from IT security firm Mandiant, which says that hundreds of terabytes of data have been stolen from over 140 organisations worldwide by just one hacking group.

Investigating and clearing up after this type of breach can be time consuming and costly, so preventing this from happening or at least cutting down on the chance of it happening is a sensible idea.

One way an IT manager responsible for software asset management (SAM) can help improve security is by working with SAM and security professionals to identify and remove entry points into the infrastructure that hackers use.

The good news is that there are a number of ways in which software asset management can be used to lower the level of risk without having to put in extra (and costly) security restrictions.

SOURCE: crayon.com


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