What Key Trends Are Impacting Oracle’s Performance?

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by | July 10, 2015

Cloud-based software is becoming more popular with Oracle. In October 2011, Oracle launched “Oracle Public Cloud” in order to make its database, middleware, and other applications available to customers on a subscription-based model. Oracle is expected to be a major player in this segment. Its acquisitions in this sector include Datalogix and MICROS systems. The acquisitions will help expand its market share.

Oracle competes with Microsoft and SAP

In October 2011, Oracle introduced Fusion Apps—a comprehensive package of ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) applications. It offers “resource planning, customer relationship management, human capital management, supply chain management, project planning and financial software to enterprise customers.” This ensures that the firm will expand its market share in a segment where it competes with heavyweights like SAP and Microsoft.

SOURCE: marketrealist.com


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