What the FBI v. Apple Case Taught Us About Cloud Security

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by | March 31, 2016

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of weeks, by now you’ve probably heard that the FBI demanded (against common sense) that Apple allow a backdoor into every iPhone in the world for criminal investigations.

The FBI got themselves into hot water by “encouraging” some IT guy somewhere to change the password, which triggers the iPhone’s encryption technology that’s built as a security defense to protect the user. And, several “key officials” within the NSA were opposed to the action against Apple in the first place. This very public move has reignited the debate about the security of our data and when it’s okay for a government agency to demand access to encrypted data (an alleged terrorist) and when it’s not (gaining access to millions of iPhones all over the world in the pursuit of justice).

Whichever side you stood on, it’s clear that the government isn’t quite keeping up with the fast-paced innovations in the technology industry. There are a lot of misconceptions about what exactly encryption and decryption mean — just like there are many misconceptions about the security of a multi-tenant solution.

SOURCE: samanage.com


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