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by | June 24, 2015

This month’s SAMPanel debate, SAMChannel opted to go with one of the most talked about topics of the year so far, the Cloud.

Focussing in particular on Cloud migration and the impact it will have on Software Asset Management, we are very pleased to include views from the United Kingdom, United States and Brazil.

So panellists, ‘What will be the impact of Cloud migration on SAM?’

Sherry IrwinRSherry Irwin | President and Principal Consultant at Technology Asset Management | Connect with Sherry

From a SAM perspective, there are two scenarios to consider: Migration of certain SAM functions to the cloud; and, impact of cloud migration to the SAM program, including SAM’s role. The latter is addressed here.

Here are significant parallels between management of software assets (and licenses) and cloud-based services, particularly as to managing compliance, risk, cost and value – SAM’s core objectives. And, SAM staff have many of the requisite skills and knowledge, as well as contacts and relationships within the organization and with some of the cloud service providers (CSPs).

Depending on the nature of the cloud service – application (software), platform or infrastructure – some of those parallels include:

Read Sherry’s Full Submission Here


Andre rangelAndré Rangel | Partner at HSCE Ltda. | Connect with André 

Again, writing from the point of view of the “hot” tropical winter, let’s talk a little about the impact of migration on premise licenses for cloud subscription in Software Asset Management.

In general, when the software vendors began to see the cloud as a possibility for migration of its business model, many customers and analysts argued this change as the ultimate solution to the problems of non-compliance, whether by misuse (for nonpayment ) licenses, either by the end of involuntary piracy.

In fact, the need for a well-managed environment with control of the entire life cycle for software assets has become even greater.

Read André’s Full Submission Here


May TurnbullMay Turnbull | SAM Consultant at EasySAM | Connect with May

Firstly, we need to acknowledge that the word ‘cloud’ is such a loose term. It covers everything from web-based offerings to hosted services at the moment. Obviously depending on what flavour of the ‘cloud’ you are migrating to, will depend on what impact this has on your companies Software Asset Management (SAM). To make it simpler, we have broken it down into the below questions for you:

What effect does subscription licensing have?

With cloud offerings being principally subscription based, this does introduce a level of license management that the average SAM manager won’t be accustomed to.

Read May’s Full Submission Here


Libby PhillippsLibby Phillipps | Marketing and Events Co-ordinator with License Dashboard | Connect with Libby

SAM is now an integral part of any well-run organisation, assisting in reducing cost and risk and increasing operational productivity. Until now, it’s been seen as a framework that controls a company’s deployed software compliance and that Cloud computing will mitigate the need for SAM – those that believe this are in for a shock. SAM is an essential requirement for managing the new complex concepts of cloud and even though it has to adapt, SAM is still a necessary requirement when a company moves to the Cloud.

Don’t get me wrong, cloud computing does solve some licensing compliance challenges, but there is no doubt that it also creates its own. Cloud environments can be provisioned and accessed in minutes, so it’s prone to significant risk caused by end users bypassing traditional procurement and deployment rules and ultimately leading to software usage being over distributed or abused. In addition, with limited access to usage information, many organisations over-subscribe to services, which leads to licensing costs spiralling out of control.

Read Libby’s Full Submission Here

We would like to thank our panellists for their contributions this month and invite our readers to share their own views in the comment section below.

If you would like to join the debate and contribute to the next SAMPanel, please contact us today.


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