What’s in Store for Software License Optimization in 2016?

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by | February 23, 2016

Software Asset Management Will Support Cybersecurity Efforts

According to a recent IDC report, the more unlicensed software running on an organization’s network, the greater the malware risk. This is because hackers often can gain entry through malicious code they embed in software, like a Trojan horse, that employees intentionally or inadvertently download.  That’s why it’s so important for organizations to have software policies and tools in place, such as an enterprise app store, to help reduce the likelihood of unlicensed and unauthorized software from being brought into the environment.

Effective Software Vulnerability Management is reliant upon an organization’s ability to first discover and then inventory all of its software and hardware assets and correlate software installations with known vulnerabilities. This enables organizations to then remediate any security risks found in the enterprise.

See this new video with Steve Schmidt: Software Vulnerability Management and the strategic fit with Flexera Software Solutions

SOURCE: flexerasoftware.com


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