Why are two thirds of organizations not aligning their IT Asset and IT Service Management solutions?

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by | April 27, 2015

Research highlights the cost savings which can be leveraged by optimizing IT operations. An excellent example of how to improve the level of IT optimization is by combining/aligning the organization’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, with average savings estimated at 83% cost reduction per device per year.

Fueled by the focus on cost reduction through service efficiency, the ITAM market is currently forecasted to have more than 9% annual growth (i). Over the total lifecycle of assets, the cost reduction continues with savings up to 30% achievable (ii).

The paradox is that, whilst there is almost universal acknowledgement that aligning the solutions can leverage significant financial ROI, only 33% of organizations have integrated their service desk tools with their ITAM application (iii).

There is a long list of significant financial and productivity benefits that can be realized when aligning ITSM and ITAM (iv). These include the ability to link best practices, such as ITIL® to the organization’s ITAM strategy, having an automated Discovery and Inventory, achieving superior data accuracy, tracking usage for desktop applications and reassigning or cancelling unused licenses, and supporting Green IT initiatives.

Scott Leckie, CTO at Axios Systems, said, “Research by analyst firm InfoTech (v) further shows that the alignment of ITSM and ITAM toolsets will accelerate. This will allow IT to increase its focus on business needs to effectively manage business risk whilst increasing services available.”

SOURCE: industrytoday.co.uk


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