Why is setting the goal of your ITAM implementation so crucial?

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by | May 28, 2015

I was visiting an organization to speak to them about their planned ITAM implementation.  The organization is rather well known and viewed externally as well-managed (at least to me). What happened in the early minutes of the meeting caused me to squirm in my chair.

During the meeting, I asked some baseline questions, including one that I thought was a sure-fire baseline; “what are you looking to achieve from this ITAM implementation?”  The organization looked at me and responded, “To implement ITAM”.  When I said that is a good start, I wanted to delve into something more specific, so I asked, “What problem are you trying to answer by carrying out this ITAM implementation?”  My question received the same response – to implement ITAM.

Recovering from my squirm, I knew that I could help guide the organization in a measurable, standardized and certifiable way.  I turned the discussion to what brought them to the table – why this – why now?  It was the next few questions that helped them, and me, understand why goal setting during an ITAM implementation is so crucial.

Instead of guiding the discussion on their ITAM implementation, I asked them what they believed was wrong with their existing ITAM efforts.  I asked questions about their processes on the software lifecycle including tools used (many); vendor spend (and vendor audits), what ITAM processes they had (and whether they thought they worked).  I also explored the level of executive management support for this effort (and what the goals of the executive sponsor are)?  Based on the answers given, it was clear that they had not considered what problem they wanted to resolve.  So, what was driving them to ITAM?

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