Why Outsourcing SAM Might be the Best Decision for your Software Estate

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by | April 15, 2015

If you want a SAM solution that can offer both practical and financial benefits to your business, then outsourcing could be the answer.

There are many challenges to Software Asset Management and software licensing in-house, not least the seemingly never-ending stream of software, Microsoft audits and the sheer complexity of licensing management in a larger environment. It is for this reason that businesses turn to outsourcing as a solution, allowing them to access an invaluable source of relevant expert knowledge and providing them with the benefits of having a neutral party around when audit time arrives. There is also the financial benefits that can be reaped when the cost of outsourcing is compared to that of setting up and developing an in-house SAM infrastructure.

The Right Choice?

SAM outsourcing is likely to be the right option for your business if it plays a major part in your company’s operational performance but it does not have the strategic importance to make it necessary to keep it in-house. It can be of huge benefit if you do not have a dedicated IT department or team, even with the latest software in play. There are a host of IT software products available that promise to be easy to use and powerful, but without the people to ensure their smooth running and functionality, their value starts to diminish.

As well as saving money, outsourcing could also save you time – time you could use to concentrate on your core business, develop your staff or nurture your clients. It can also minimise the stress that can accompany the management of an area that is completely detached from your comfort zone. There is also the risk that half-hearted attempts at inventory, software and license asset management can have serious consequences for your business. If you’re not confident in your abilities, or those of your team, then it is likely outsourcing is right for you.

Planning the Next Move

Choosing to outsource your SAM estate is a significant step and one that cannot be taken lightly. That is why a high level of importance must be placed on choosing the right provider. Outsourcing may make you experience a feeling of losing control of an aspect of your business, but the power is in your hands to choose who should take on these tasks on your behalf and to ensure that the contractor you decide on is up to the task. The right choice can make a huge difference to your business, having a positive effect on everything from your budget and schedule to your client relationships, staff morale and overall performance and profits.

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Livingstone provide an end-to-end software asset management solution for organisations looking to gain complete visibility and control over their software licensing spend.

Combining their unique approach, accurate inventory and entitlement data with experienced Software Asset Management (SAM) specialists, they understand their client’s software licensing needs and goals. They arm their specialists with vendor agnostic Livingstone technology to provide real time licensing transparency and control.


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