Why software audits will be a thing of the past

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by | August 17, 2015

How can we ensure that we won’t need software audits in the future?

Software vendor audits are more than a nuisance. They cost organizations time and effort—for some organizations, more than 50% of their IT asset management staff  time goes toward software audit preparation and defense.  Audits cost money—usually unbudgeted, when you don’t have an accurate view of your license position and have to true-up at the end of an audit due to non-compliance.  They can also cost jobs and affect the quality of vendor relationships.

In many cases, for other types of products and services, we have clarity between a supplier and consumer on the overall cost and usage of a good or service.  Why should software be any different?

When we have a service with on ongoing cost that can be variable, like a utility such as electricity or water, or a mobile phone bill, you have a clear open position of costs incurred.

Why is this good?

You can see why you are paying for things, and you don’t pay for costs you shouldn’t incur.  Sometimes you opt for an all-inclusive or flat fee agreement, but you still usually see some statistics on your usage so that you might be able to plan for your next contract.

SOURCE: blogs.flexerasoftware.com


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