Will Microsoft’s Next-Generation Licensing System Make Life Easier for Businesses?

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by | November 11, 2014

Microsoft licensing agreements for businesses are famously complex, with prices varying depending on how many copies you’re buying of what product, with what support and upgrade rights, and who you’re getting them from. The new Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) that’s rolling out to more countries this year aims to simplify things, especially for mid-sized companies.

It’s not just that you get a single, short licensing document instead of nearly 40 pages of different agreements, or even that instead of going to a different Microsoft website to see each of your agreements they’re all on one portal, complete with your volume licence keys and software downloads – handy as that is.

Advantage MPSA

The advantage of the MPSA is that it’s a single way to buy Microsoft software and online services, with or without Software Assurance, even from multiple sources, that everyone in your company business can use to get volume discounts – without having to buy the same software.

“Especially when they’re using multiple partners, people have ended up with a proliferation of agreements so they have to stitch together their own reporting. We’re trying to give customers a one shop stop, no matter what type of organisation they are; big, small or diversified, they have a single mechanism to buy software and services through one portal,” Microsoft’s Mark Croft told TechRadar Pro. “They always get the right price and they get central reporting. They can rest easy, knowing who has done what and that they will be automatically getting the best price.”

SOURCE: techradar.com


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